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Snapshot of the month

More than 25,000 of you have made a forecast and the competition has tightened again this month with an extremely volatile Bitcoin! Download The SwissBorg Community app, if you haven't already. Predict, learn and earn Bitcoin without spending a penny!

The community reached a record accuracy of more than 60% during the spectacular rise of  Bitcoin from $9,500 to $12,000. Several players distinguished themselves in this period. However, the community suffered during the subsequent correction. You only had 49% accuracy and some of the more bearish players managed to move up the rankings spectacularly. The competition will be tight until the end! 

In addition to an educational article, in our Learn & News tab we are happy to share with you on a weekly basis, an exciting Crypto & Blockchain Youtube series, "Cryptonites". 

The best moments related to the Community App are shared below!

This month, we have introduced a country ranking system to identify which countries have the best risk managers and own the most accurate players! 

As it has now become a monthly custom of ours, this report shares with you key statistics and insights on players' performances and updates on your chances of receiving rewards. (We are paying particular attention to the competition’s fairness to ensure that new players are rewarded if they are good forecasters).

In addition, we give you a very useful tip to easily earn CHSB tokens!

Global statistics SwissBorg


Forecast Statistics SwissBorg
Badge Statistics SwissBorg

Country Ranking

After seeing the community app installed all over the world, we want to present to you the performance of the best countries in terms of risk management and accuracy. Risk management is determined by taking into account the average number of points per forecast for a given country. In four countries, we have noticed an average number of points per forecast of more than 200 pts (which is higher than the lowest risk level) with the Netherlands and Austria far ahead. 

These two countries are also in the top 5 in terms of accuracy. An interesting observation is that in Japan, the accuracy is really impressive while the number of points gained per forecast is, on average, twice as low as in the best European countries. This highlights a lower risk taking and a more conservative approach with good accuracy.

Community App forecasts  & accuracy by country SwissBorg

Community Analysis

Accuracy: Community & Top Players

The community did slightly better than a coin throw this month with an accuracy of more than 50%. When the price showed a clear upward momentum, you were very accurate with more than 60% of correct forecasts. However, the trend was reversed as the market became more bearish.

For the first time, we have three players over 300,000 pts won thanks to the forecasts.

However, these players have been struggling this month with only 20,000 pts won by the best due to an uncertain market. The previous players have gotten closer to them and nothing is won yet! In terms of accuracy, the best players are always the most cautious, they take less risk and seek to make their forecast when there is a clear trend. A strategy that pays off in the long term!

SwissBorg Community App Accuracy

Risk Management

In the following chart, you will find the cumulative points earned by forecasting. There has been a slow down in the gains for the players as well as for the CyBorg highlighted in black. The beginning of the competition has been marked by a very bullish market which has allowed everybody to make more points than the current market allows. The Cyborg is still beating 99.5% of the players that have more than 20 forecasts. The players who joined in July are struggling to climb the ladder, but this is due to them having started in a difficult position. Fortunately, the others failed to make it to the top. When the market has a clearer trend, new players will be able to take advantage of it and move up the rankings!  

SwissBorg Community App risk management

Tip: Consult the market tab and read the “Daily Bitcoin Analysis” in the Learn tab for more information about the current market and adapt the risk you want to take to the current trend.
Tip: Read our article dedicated to the Technical Analysis to improve your forecast accuracy and your risk management.

Forecasting pattern

July was a very volatile month. We suddenly, reached a high price and dropped again shortly after. It made predictions harder. Among the best players, this one managed to capture the downtrend as well as reducing the number of forecasts within that month. This abstention of forecasts was a common characteristic among the best performers. 

More generally, we see that most of the points are coming from the relatively slow upward moves which are well captured. This user seems to avoid forecasting when the price is flirting with the $10,000 resistance/support. 

To summarise, it is recommended to bet as much as possible when the trend is clear but reducing when volatility increases. Analysing the key levels given in the Daily Bitcoin Analysis can further help you to make the perfect forecast. 

SwissBorg Community app forecasting accuracy

Tip of the month: Earn CHSB token

In addition to competing to win Bitcoin prizes by earning points through your ability to predict Bitcoin movements, you have the opportunity to win free CHSB tokens by completing the badges! Remember, the CHSB tokens, which will be distributed through our future Wealth App, will be at the heart of our ecosystem where they will increase in value and allow users to benefit from many advantages in the short and medium term! 

To win free CHSB tokens, simply click on the "BADGES" section of the Dashboard and discover the different badges you need to complete. There are 5 types of badges, each with 3-levels that should be completed, that earn you 50 CHSB tokens per level:

  • Popular: Invite your friends to complete this badge!
  • Psychic: Succeed in your forecasts!
  • Risk Taker: Place your forecasts with the different risk levels!
  • Loyal: Log in every day!
  • Overachiever: Maximise your points by inviting your friends and making successful forecasts!

In addition to these different objectives, you have the opportunity to join the Hall of Fame, which now has just over 100 players. In addition to acquiring this prestigious title, you will receive 1000 CHSB tokens. Good luck!

Earn chsb token
unlock badges

Interview of the month

This month we had the pleasure to talk to the Co-founders of Airdrop Bob which aims to provide the latest information about reliable and legitimate projects and their crypto airdrops. Mario and Richie have been competing seriously and have helped us to promote the app. Please enjoy the interview and check out their amazing website. 

Competition Chance Benchmarking

We are very attentive to the points system put in place. Indeed, we want this game to be fair so that newcomers always have a chance to win! That is why we have built a benchmark to identify if the point system needs to be adjusted.

Our benchmark: 

In the next two months, at any time, a player starting the game must have at least a 50% chance of being in the top 10,000.

If this is not the case, we will adjust the points to return to this probability.

SwissBorg Community App top players

As shown in the chart above, today, you have more than:

  • 69% chance of being in the top 10,000
  • 8% chance of being in the top 1000
  • 0.5% chance of being in the top 100

The chances of being in the top 10,000 have even increased compared to last month. This is due to the extreme volatility which has tightened the competition. 

Remember that, even if you have 0 pts, you still have almost a 1 in 10 chance of being in the top 1000 and  you have always a chance of being in the top 100. The winner may not even have started the game yet!

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