Community App October Report

Snapshot of the month

This month we reached several important milestones for the Community App and SwissBorg. More than 40,000 players have now joined the game, a new record has been achieved with more than 6,000 forecasts recorded in 24 hours and more than 10,000 active players on the same day! 

In this report, discover the key statistics of the Community App and especially the evolution of the number of points that has undergone impressive variations in recent weeks. A challenge awaits you: will you be able to beat the CyBorg predictor? 

In addition, this report will show you the scope of the referral program as well as what you may have missed since last month. Have a good read and good luck with your forecasts!

Global statistics
Forecast Statistics
Badge statistics

You are not the only one...

The price of Bitcoin was merciless with the whole community. You are all extremely bullish at the beginning of September with big risks taken. Unfortunately, the price of Bitcoin decided otherwise and more than 70 million points flew away in a few weeks! This has had the effect of tightening the competition as never before. 

This autumn’s bloodbath in the app community is illustrated below with the number of points accumulated by the entire community. 

At the same time, the overall accuracy was only 45%. So you are not the only one who has had difficult moments....and if it’s not your case, then: Congratulations to you!

Cumulative number of points
Tip: Read the Daily Bitcoin Analysis in the Learn Tab every day to make the best possible decision! The DBA readers managed to limit the damage and took the lead as shown below.
Daily Bitcoin analysis reader community app

Beat the cyborg predictor!

The market was very hard to predict and, with the current bearish trend, many players have lost a lot of points. This may be the best time to join the competition! 

Meanwhile, the CyBorg predictor (whose predictions are available every day in the learn tab) remained cautious to take less risky positions and wait for the right time to make its forecast.

With more than 57% accuracy and more than 150,000 pts, the Cyborg predictor is a serious candidate in the competition.

And you, are you able to beat our artificial intelligence? We are counting on you!

Bitcoin forecasting prediction swissborg community app

Referral Program

Have you always wondered what the referral program looks like? Here is an example of a part of the network that the community has built. Some players, without knowing it, build a real family tree of active players. Congratulations! Impressive, isn't it?

Almost half of the players have been invited by you. Continue to improve your ranking by inviting your friends to increase your points and make the community grow.

referral program network

Tip: Click on Invite in the dashboard to share your code and win 3,000 additional pts!

Competition Chance Benchmarking

We remind you that our goal is to ensure that every player has a chance to move up in the rankings. If you are a regular player, if you drill properly and invite your friends, you have every chance of being rewarded with badges and the final ranking!

Our benchmark: 

In the next two months, at any time, a player starting the game must have at least a 50% chance of being in the top 10,000, more than 5% chance of being in the top 1,000 and be able to reach the top 100 with good forecasts.

What you may have missed

Bastien Muster
Head of Data
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