Our Bitcoin Price Prediction App’s First Anniversary!

It has been one year since we launched our Community app, our Bitcoin price prediction game. We are delighted to have reached our goal of educating, entertaining and growing a community of crypto enthusiasts. 

There are now 90,000 community members from 170 different countries playing the game and using the app to study, follow and forecast the Bitcoin market. 

We are incredibly proud of the popularity of our app around the world and look at the players as members of the SwissBorg tribe. 

All the players and community members have been waiting for the answer to one question: when will the competition end? 

As most players know, the rewards earned on the Community app can be redeemed in the Wealth app and the end of the first competition is linked to the launch of the Wealth app. 

According to our tech team’s estimations, the Wealth app will be available worldwide by the end of Q2, 2020.  That is why we are aiming to end competition 1 at the same time, end of Q2 2020 and the beginning of Q3, 2020. 

What’s going to happen next?

When the SwissBorg Community competition 1 ends a new “Reward” tab will  appear in your app.

SwissBorg Community app reward tab
SwissBorg Community app claim reward

You can continue to play, learn and earn, the Community app competition 2 will start after competition 1 has ended. Stay tuned for more details and information!

SwissBorg Community first edition metrics

SwissBorg Community first edition metrics
SwissBorg Community app countries with the highest forecast accuracyc
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