Stake CHSB to Boost Your Yield Account

Staking, which, along with the right to participate in referendums and meritocratic rewarding, is one of the core utilities of CHSB, will be even more lucrative once our new Smart Yield feature is live in the SwissBorg Wealth App.  

Those of you who have a Premium account already in the Wealth App enjoy its advantages, such as zero commission trading on BTC, CHSB and stablecoins by holding your CHSB tokens. For those of you who don’t have the Premium account, our upcoming Smart Yield feature is an even more significant incentive to stake your CHSBs and go Premium. By staking CHSBs, our utility token, you can earn double on your yields with our upcoming Smart Yield feature.

Our Smart Yield account connects you to hand-picked and vetted counterparties with a range of DeFi projects to create a best-in-class yield program. In this way, you can benefit from the best market opportunities and the highest return for the most feasible level of risk. Plus, we pay out your yield daily, which means not only are you earning a return on your account balance - you’re earning a return on your yield!

Get ready for Smart Yield by staking CHSB today! If you haven't already, download the SwissBorg Wealth App to get started!

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