SwissBorg Acquires Two Additional Licences Expanding Her Reach

We are delighted to announce that we have been granted two additional licenses by Estonia. 

The acquisition of Virtual Currency Exchange License and Virtual Currency Wallet License will enable SwissBorg to deliver its solutions to more people, worldwide.   

Some of the key benefits of these licenses reflect the great strides that Estonia has made in relation to everything digital. Some global lists rank Estonia as the #1 Blockchain hub, in fact, Estonia was using blockchain technology even before Bitcoin was launched. 

Estonian President, Kersti Lajulaid, is proud to point out that Estonia has “been using digital identifiers for more than 17 years” and that Estonians have always seen the great potential in blockchain technology. This focus has helped Estonia develop a very progressive Smart Policy Framework which is designed to help support and promote digital technologies such as Blockchain. So far the digital efforts have helped save the country more than 2% of its GDP annually

“With the acquisition of these two licenses, we are proud and grateful to be able to serve our community with a trusted platform,” comments Cyrus Fazel, CEO & Co-founder of SwissBorg. “The addition of these licenses boosts our efforts to further blockchain and crypto adoption around the world and deliver user-friendly wealth management solutions.” 

Alexander Fazel
Head of Communication
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