Quick Look At Our Alpha Test Phase One Test Result

After four weeks of rigorous testing, we are very excited to give you this long-awaited news. We have successfully completed phase one of the Alpha testing of our showcase product, the Wealth app. 

The entire SwissBorg team, with members located in 8 different countries, completed the on-boarding process. They were successful in making Crypto deposits in BTC, ETH, and our own CHSB. 

The deposits were all seamlessly made proving the app to be easy and reliable for crypto deposits. 

For fiat currency deposits, bank transfers from more than 20 different banks were made. The process unveiled ways to improve the user-experience for depositing fiat and will be much more seamless in the next test iteration. 

We were successful with our mobile notifications, engaging in communication via Email, SMS, and InApp notifications. 

Our Compliance Officer was able to process the KYC (know your customer) applications quickly and without a glitch.

We know that you, having waited for a long time, are as excited as we are that the first test phase of the Wealth app has been successfully completed. We are moving to phase 2 of the alpha testing and will keep you posted on our progress. 

Thank you for your patience, awesome community members. Remember, we promised you quality and Swiss quality takes time, stay tuned for more progress updates! 

Agnieszka Zyguła
Quality Assurance Engineer
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