The SwissBorg OEMS: Fast & Easy Crypto Exchange Connectivity!

We are very proud to announce the first successful tests of our Wealth app’s multi-node Order Execution Management System (our financial engine). The SwissBorg OEMS can now perform best execution successfully taking into consideration all 4 of the top crypto exchanges.

In the current B2C or as we like to call it, B4C (Business for the community) market, BEST execution is very limited and does not go further than two exchanges except for one project in a completely different region. What’s more, our connectivity is only one of the unique value propositions our community will benefit from using our Wealth App.

Our OEMS can execute on the four following crypto & Bitcoin exchanges:

  1. Binance
  2. Kraken
  3. LMAX
  4. HitBTC

Why Binance? Binance is one of the most liquid exchanges in the world averaging at 1 billion USD/ day in real trading volume. Additionally, Binance commission rates are one of the most competitive in the market with a standard trading fee of 0.1%. They are coming from an ICO and having their own game-changing token: BNB token is aligned with our principles. We look forward to being a Binance volume provider and bridging our relationships as we move forward.

Why Kraken? Kraken is also one of the top regulated exchanges with real volume and a great source of liquidity with key fiat (cash) gateways for our primary markets (GBP, EURO and CAD). We also have a great relationship with their team members.

Why LMAX? LMAX is an institutional exchange providing even deeper liquidity for the majors (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.). This exchange offers excellent reliability as an institutional partner, minimising the chances of losing assets or experiencing common issues such as downtime or frozen assets.

Why HitBTC? As the CHSB multi-utility token is the heart of our entire ecosystem, we are connecting to this exchange to maximise liquidity of our token to make the purchase extremely simple, fast and of course a lot more accessible for the current community and all the new members joining this new era.

Now the BIG WHY for you, our awesome community members. Let’s put this into perspective and look at the most important aspects: your benefits!

Creating our own master book managing four order books simultaneously is a game-changer for multiple reasons.

4X more liquidity: How does it feel to have to wait for orders to execute? How inconvenient is it for people who trade larger volumes? And now what if you can multiply that liquidity by 4X? Just picture how many community members and investors could migrate to our platform? Not to forget that we are talking about executing an order in milliseconds with our OEMS.

4X chances for BEST prices: Best prices is a very complicated matter as different exchanges may have different price advantages on different cryptocurrencies. Our financial intelligence will find the best available prices based on these four order books giving us an edge on any human being trying to execute this manually through multiple accounts in real-time.

More benefits will be announced over the coming months in different types of formats, including video, and we are impatient to share this with the community. 

We will be considering connectivity to other exchanges so if you have any suggestions with valid reasons on which exchange we should add to our connectivity and why- please connect with us on any platform. Also, understand that our selection criteria are strict as the quantity will most likely hurt quality.

We are proud to be able to provide this type of innovative technology to the community and will keep scaling our mobile platform so that Crypto investors will no longer need multiple exchange accounts and wallets.

We will provide more details as to what best execution means and why the multi-node OEMS is so essential for the community. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to scale.

Alexander Fazel
Head of Communication
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