The Newest CHSB token utility: Better than discounts!

Utility tokens were the best performers of the 2000+ crypto assets for two consecutive years: 2018 & 2019. Binance was the best performing token in 2018 and ranked #6 in 2019 leading to the best average performance among all coins and tokens. Why? Two main reasons:  1) The token provides real value such as saving money on transactions and 2) It has instant use such as using the token as soon as the settings are activated on the user’s personal account.

It's time for our community members to find out more about the CHSB token and its latest utility. A utility that has both real value, instant use and extremely easy to activate: The Membership Utility.

A quick question before we jump into the nitty-gritty. When becoming a part of a new circle, group or club, what happens first? What do most of us need even before getting discounts? Perhaps, the answer is:

A membership.

Memberships are meaningful because they give a sense of identity and belonging to individuals. On top of that, members will feel privileged, rewarded, allowing us to build a trusted and long-lasting relationship with you.

But what’s the difference between a membership utility and an exchange/ discount utility? And how do these utility tokens compare to Altcoins?

Alexander Fazel
Head of Communication
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