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Community Trend
The sentiment of the community, based on the forecasts made the last 24h on the Community App.
CyBorg Prediction
The predicted price movement for the next closing price (on a daily basis). The CyBorg predictor is an algorithm developed by SwissBorg based on Machine Learning technology that analyses deeply the price history and different indicators. The probability of the prediction related to the model is, also, given.
Forecasting Accuracy
The accuracy (the number of correct forecasts divided by the total number of the forecasts) is presented for the community as well as for the Cyborg predictor.
General Trend
General trend of the market in the long term.
Technical Trend
Actual trend based on technical analysis.
The term "bull" or "bullish" comes from the bull, who strikes upwards with its horns, thus pushing prices higher. Being ‘bullish’ represents an opinion/belief that the price will rise.  A bull market is when an asset's price is rising over a sustained time period
The term "bear" or "bearish" comes from the bear, who strikes downward with its paws, thus pushing prices down.  Being ‘bearish’ represent an opinion/belief that the price will fall. A bear market is when an asset's price is falling over a sustained time period
Moving Average (MA)
Trend-following indicator derived from the simple average of the prices on a given time period (for example 20 days).
Degree of variation (or dispersion) of the price over time. A period with a lot of price variation will show higher volatility than a stable market that has small price variation.
The RSI (Relative Strength Index) measures the magnitude and the velocity of price movements. It is deduced from the ratio between positive and negative price changes in a given period of time. This momentum oscillator, measured on a scale from 0 to 100, indicates if the asset is overbought or oversold (usually, an RSI > 70% will indicate an overbought period while an RSI < 30% will indicate an oversold period).
Levels where the prices will tend to stop and could probably reverse their trend. A support level will likely tend to stop the prices dropping while resistance is a level where the selling pressure is higher and will likely stop the price rising. Once a support or resistance level are reached, the price will bounce back or breakthrough the level and continue its actual trend.
The Moving Average Convergence Divergence is trend following momentum indicator that compares a short period and a longer period’s moving average. From these comparisons, a “signal line” and a “MACD” line are constructed. Multiple information can be extracted from this indicator. In particular, when the “Signal” and the “MACD” are crossing, this indicates a probable momentum change between “bulls” and “bears”.
Bollinger Bands (BB)
Bollinger Bands illustrate the dispersion of prices around the average. Bollinger Bands are composed of an upper and a lower band. Usually, the price oscillates between these two bands. When volatility increases, these bands move apart as they contract during a phase of low volatility. In terms of technical analysis, we can read the graph as follows: if the price is close to one of these bands, we are far from the average and it is likely that we are overbought or oversold. In other words, it is likely that the trend will change direction in the short term.

Daily Bitcoin Analysis

Friday, April 5, 2019



00:00 UTC
(Last 24 hours)
General Trend
Community Trend
CyBorg Predictor
Technical Analysis
Forecasting Accuracy
CyBorg Predictor
SwissBorg Community
Technical Analysis
  • Actual support/resistance : 4,900$/5,000$.
  • After testing the 5,000$ again, bitcoin dropped significantly below 4,800$.
  • However, the price recovered to stabilize at $4,900. If this level does not hold, we can expect to see a correction that would bring us to 4,700$.
  • After the violent movements observed this week, a period of consolidation would be healthy for a new upward momentum.
  • All the indicators are strongly bullish. However, volumes decreased by more than 50% yesterday.
  • As an illustration of the good performance of the whole market this week: the bitcoin dominance (50%) is at its lowest level since August 2018.
  • The trend reversal seems to be confirmed in the short term. If the price exceeds 5,400$: 6,000$ could be the next stop.
The analysis is based on the latest close price (00:00 UTC time, daily basis)

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