Marco Guerreiro

Chief Research Officer

It was 1998, I was 14 and on the bus returning home from school, when a friend started telling me about the exciting takeover of Telepizza, a pizza restaurant chain in Spain. The rumour was that it was likely to take place in the next few days and he knew the details quite well from the newspaper. This was the first time I had ever heard of the stock market and I thought it was the most fascinating thing ever. The next day I had enough questions for him to fill a week’s worth of bus trips, so after that I started doing some research of my own using a painful dialup connection to learn more. I was totally hooked, I started reading news about stocks almost every day and was even upset about the fact that the stock market was closed on weekends, when I had the most time to follow it. Since then, I have been fascinated about financial markets and knew I wanted to pursue a career in them.

I went to ESADE Business School in Barcelona to focus my career in finance and I kept trading and learning about Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Macro, Shorting, Futures, Options, CFDs, and other instruments and strategies. I then joined an Investment Bank to get a deeper professional experience in financial markets and followed up with starting a Global Macro Hedge Fund in London with two other partners in 2009, with great results.

In the last years I have focused on Quantitative Strategies and applying Machine Learning to large datasets. I still enjoy decoding the big macro puzzle, but it’s hard to compete with a model that can constantly analyse hundreds of variables for thousands of instruments in seconds and come up with a consistent unemotional decision. Applying what I learnt in in other financial markets to the cryptocurrency market has been immensely valuable.

Marco meets SwissBorg

About 4 years ago, I met Cyrus at a finance conference in London, and we immediately clicked. We became friends and stayed in touch sharing ideas and discussing markets. When he told me about the SwissBorg project a few years later and how the cryptocurrency market was going to be huge in the future, I was really excited and jumped at the opportunity to join the team right away . When I met Anthony and the rest of the team, I was greatly impressed with the exceptional level of talent in all the other team members.

I am now in charge of developing and implementing Quantitative Strategies to apply to cryptocurrencies for the indices and future SwissBorg projects. Every day I am amazed by the number and size of investment opportunities that can be found in this market, especially when compared to traditional, established markets. This is still a young and mostly unregulated market so there are plenty of perils, and mistakes can be very expensive. This is why I believe that only the most experienced and sophisticated traders and investors will make the big gains going forward.

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